Document Scanning

UK Document Management are one of UK's leading providers of document scanning. Our scanners have the capability to scan any size document up to A0 in size. So no matter if it's expense files with 1000's of tiny receipts or large technical drawings we can scan them for you.

With secure on site storage and use of dedicated collection vehicles you can rest assured that your documents are in safe hands.

We have been a trusted provider of document scanning to NHS trusts, Local Government, blue chip companies and other private businesses for over 10 years. For our Aerospace clients who possess military data we adhere to the main principles within ITAR as sub-licensee for document management services.

Document Scanning Services
Document Scanning Services

As a company we are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and also adhere to the Code of Practice contained in BIP 10008 for legal admissibility of information stored on electronic document management systems.

With our ISO 9001:2015 certification we are able to meet and exceed our customers high standards. As part of our quality management system we ensure all document scanning we carry out is checked multiple times prior to data being returned to the customer.

We can provide electronic documents in any required format on your media of choice. Data can be returned on CD / DVD, Memory Sticks, Portable HDD, FTP / SFTP, and via online file transfers.

What Can Be Scanned?

Document scanning can be used with any size of document from A4 up to A0 and beyond. As long as one edge of the document fits through a 42” gap we can scan it. Whether it’s colour, black & white or grey scale we can easily adapt our processes to meet your needs.

No matter if you have a large backlog, one off conversion or regular on-going requirement we have the services to suit. Our experienced teams can make it happen on time whilst maintaining the highest quality and integrity.

Our services are suited to any type of paper document, for example we regularly provide document scanning for the following: medical records, planning applications, technical drawings, work orders, HR files.

What are the Benefits?

Document Scanning brings our customers a wide range of benefits such as:

•   Save time and money - No need to physically search for documents which means potential to save hours each week with electronic documents.

•   Free up valuable office space - Why waste expensive office space storing old paperwork? If you convert your documents the freed up office space can be re-purposed for other uses that actually make your business money.

•   Demonstrate compliance with regulations such as GDPR in a much more efficient way.

•   Easier to work on the go - No need to bring those bulky paper documents with you!

•   Easily back up and secure documents - Electronic data can be backed up a number of ways which is impossible to do with paper documents. With encryption electronic documents can be password protected to provide secure storage.

To learn more about how Document Scanning can benefit your organisation call us now on 0800 049 9744. Alternatively fill out our contact form and one of our friendly sales consultants will get in touch.

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